Saturday, January 09, 2010

I've had my Asrock ION-330-HT-BD for over a month now

First, the history. Ever since the first modchips for the original XBox appeared (and shortly thereafter, XBMC - or whatever it was first called), I've been watching all of my digital content on the television. We'd even cancelled my cable subscription: all of the "good" stuff (i.e. the things we wanted to watch, on our time) could be found on DVD or the internet anyway.

HD content came along, the old SD TV died, and so I had to look out for a way to display HD content on my new Sony Bravia.

The feedback on the first Asrock nettops was OK, so I was very eager to get me the new HT models (with Blu-Ray drive). The minute the machines were launched (here in Belgium), I scoured the online shops and found a great deal at a local computer shop for an ASrock ION-330-HT-BD.

The dealer, who wasn't very knowledgeable about these new nettops, was as surprised as I was when I found out there was no memory and no harddisk in the machine. I had bought the barebones version (at the barebones price), thinking I had the full version.

Things ended well however, as the PC dealer proposed to sell me the memory and HD at half their prices. So, I installed a 32Gb SSD drive and 3Gb of RAM.

Coming up next: getting it all running...